Friday, 26 April 2019

Nigrian Navy Salary Structure,How Much A Soldier In The Nigerian Navy Is Paid

Nigerian Navy Salary Structure,How Much A Soldier In The Nigerian Navy Is Paid. Nigerian Navy is said to be the highest paid in the Armed Forces, though all the Armed Forces Army Navy Air Force are meant to work together but there is still some little difference in their work the same way with their Salary.

The Nigerian Navy Commissioned officers are paid higher than the Non commissioned officers. The Non commissioned officers are the Trainees who trained for six months in their Naval Base while the Commissiond officers Attended Nigerian Defence Academy and spent 5 Years before passing out as Commissioned officers. They are always in charge of soldiers as commanders. Below is the Salary Structure Of the Nigerian Navy.


Admiral N1,728,283 monthly

Vice-Admiral N1,496,451 as monthly

Rear Admiral N1,376,343 as monthly

Commodore N744,586 monthly salary

Captain Commander N459,004 monthly

Lieutenant Commander N293,484 as monthly

Sub-Lieutenant N219,400 monthly

Midshipman N188,159 monthly


Warrant Chief Petty Officer N165,697

Chief Petty Officer N101,974 monthly

Petty Officer  N75,261 monthly

Leading Rating  N68,634 monthly

Able Rating N60,832 monthly

Ordinary Rating  N53,892 monthly

Trainee N10,237 monthly

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